Center for cluster and grid technologies

Within the University Computing Center, there is the Center for cluster and grid technologies, whose purpose is to test and develop cluster and grid technologies, and offer the gained knowledge, skills and prepared computer resources to the scientific community.


Users of the Center are Croatian computer scientists and scholars who work on the research of cluster and grid technologies or require parallel computation and other possibilities which cluster and grid technologies offer.


Some of the activities of the Center for cluster and grid technologies are the following:

  • servicing of the computer cluster called "Isabella",
  • servicing of the computer cluster of the DataGrid center for the requirements of the Croatian teams involved in CERN projects,
  • analysis of cluster technologies, 
  • analysis of grid technologies with emphasis on following current world standards, and  
  • integration into the European grid systems, primarily into the EGEE (Enabling Grid and eScience in Europe) project.


About the computer cluster "Isabella"


The computer cluster called "Isabella" at the University Computing Center was founded at the beginning of 2002 in order to allow Croatian experts to participate in important scientific projects, but it also encouraged them to start developing clustering technologies.


"Isabella" is a shared resource of all Croatian scientists. It allows the use of important computer possibilities when dealing with difficult data processing as part of scientific-research projects.


The initial Isabella cluster configuration was upgraded with faster, two-processor computers by the end of 2002, and in the beginning of 2004 it was expanded with 24 new two-processor Blade servers paid with SRCE's funds. The work on the computer cluster "Isabella" is regulated by the Book of regulations which defines work and usage of the DataGrid center and the computer cluster "Isabella". 


The computer cluster "Isabella" is currently being used by fifty scientists from 20 projects registered with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.


In order to make the work on the computer cluster user-friendly, the members of the "Isabella" team organize lectures for cluster users. The first lecture "The basics of using the cluster with OpenPBS" was held in November 2002 which was very well attended and accepted.


More information on the computer cluster "Isabella" you can find on Isabella's web pages.

Additional information

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