MoodleMoot 2018 - Pozvani predavači

Tema: Supporting the academic community of Aristotel University of Thessaloniki embrace Moodle

Sažetak: We will talk about how and how much Moodle is used in our University and what actions we take concerning training of faculty and students, dissemination of the advantages Moodle has to offer, ways of enhancing functionality to meet users’ needs.

NIKI KALIAKOUDA, member of E-learning team at the Central Library and Information Center, Aristotel University, Thessaloniki, Grčka

Bio: She is originally a librarian but also with studies in Education and a MA in Educational Technologies. She works in the Elearning team at the Central Library and Information Center of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 2002. Her office, in collaboration with the IT Center of AUTh, is responsible for supporting Moodle users in our Institution since 2014. Before 2014, Blackboard was the main LMS of the University but as part of a greater change of policy towards opencourseware they shifted to Moodle.

Her job is to keep the first level helpdesk and train university members (faculty and students).

She consults members of the faculty on the different teaching scenarios they want to deploy and provide them with best practices on how to implement the right tools for better student engagement. She and her colleaguesalso receive feedback from users and try to find ways to enhance Moodle’s functionality.

Tema: Moodle Learning Analytics Update

Sažetak: Find out what's been happening with Moodle Learning Analytics (formerly Project Inspire), including a preview of a new GUI design to create and edit models! For more information about Moodle Learning Analytics, please join the conversation at

ELIZABETH DALTON, Research Analyst for Moodle HQ

Bio: Elizabeth Dalton is a Research Analyst for Moodle HQ working to develop native analytics and reporting tools within Moodle. She lives and works in the US.