Croatian Qualifications Framework Information System

The Croatian Qualifications Framework is a reform instrument for regulating the system of qualifications at all levels in the Republic of Croatia through qualifications standards based on learning outcomes and following the needs of the labour market, individuals and society.

The Croatian Qualifications Framework (CROQF) is a framework which sets every qualification acquired in Croatia at its place. The central element of the CROQF are the learning outcomes or, in other terms, competences acquired by the individual through the learning process and proved after the learning process, where the learning process itself is not crucial, as the learning outcome is assessed. The place of each qualification acquired in the Republic of Croatia is set by the level of the learning outcomes belonging to that qualification. The placement of qualifications at respective levels allows the comparison and linking of different qualifications (

The basic act related to the Croatian Qualifications Framework is the Croatian Qualifications Framework Act (National Gazette no. 22/2013) which was adopted in February 2013. Pursuant to Article 12, paragraph 3 and Article 14, paragraph 6 thereof, the Ordinance on the Croatian Qualifications Framework Register has been passed (National Gazette no. 62/2014), as the fundamental act prescribing the Croatian Qualifications Framework Register, which is the basic subject of informatization.

The Croatian Qualifications Framework Register consists of three sub-registers: sub-register of occupational standards, sub-register of qualifications standards and sub-register of learning outcomes. Also, it is necessary to systematically keep records of necessary competencies for particular professions, programmes for acquisition of qualifications, programmes for acquisition and validation of units of learning outcomes, programmes for validation of units of learning outcomes and other relevant information.

The information system for management of the Croatian Qualifications Framework Register is prescribed by the The Croatian Qualifications Framework Act, Article 11., paragraph 2 and Article 13, paragraph 3. Its main task is to ensure storage and management of the sub-registers, statistical processing and data analysis, as well as interconnection of the sub-registers.
SRCE has been entrusted with creating and maintenance of the Information System of the Croatian Qualifications Framework Information System. The system has reached full maturity in November 2016 and the phase of maintenance and continouos improvement has begun.