Role of SRCE

As the major national infrastructural ICT institution in the area of research and higher education in Croatia, the University Computing Centre SRCE is providing a modern, sustainable and reliable e-infrastructure for research and education community. This includes computing and cloud services, high performance computing, advanced networking, communication systems and services, middleware, data and information systems and infrastructure. At the same time SRCE acts as the computing and information centre of the largest Croatian university – the University of Zagreb, and is responsible for the coordination of the development and usage of e-infrastructure at the University.

Furthermore, by applying cutting edge technologies SRCE continuously enriches academic and reserach e-infrastructure and its own service portfolio. This enables the active participation of Croatia and Croatian scientists in European and global research and higher education area and projects.

Since its founding in 1971 as a part of the University of Zagreb, at that time the only Croatian university, SRCE has provided an extended advisory and educational support to institutions and individuals from the academic and research community in the use of ICT for education and research purposes.

From its beginnings, and still today, SRCE has been recognized as an important factor of the development of modern e-infrastructure at the national level, participating in different projects and providing services like Croatian Intenet eXchange (CIX).

Vision of SRCE

In its activites, SRCE is guidedby the following vision (the vision that represents the desired state of society, and especially the desired state of research and education system in the future):

Advanced information and communication technologies are ubiquitous in society, especially in science and education, they are effectively used in research and education process, ensuring high quality, excellence, affordability and international visibility and relevance.

Mission of SRCE

Mission of SRCE arises from its vision and is defined as follows:
to be the leader in the creation and development of advanced and high-quality information and communication infrastructure and services, making them sustainable and accessible to institutions, teachers, researchers, students, employees and other stakeholders of the entire Croatian science and higher education system, especially the University of Zagreb. Such e-infrastructure should provide excellence in activities of institutions and individuals in the academic community, supporting its leading role in society, providing developmental strides and connecting with global educational and research space, as well as the synergies of joint work and cooperation. SRCE encourages, and if necessary, enables implementation of new technologies and advanced e - infrastructure in Croatian society.

Leading role of SRCE in the construction of advanced e - infrastructure is achieved through quality and accessible system of support, education and training users to use new technologies, and the collection and transmission of knowledge in the field of information and communication technologies. This broader understanding of the possibilities of information and communication technology and raises the level and effectiveness of the application of these new technologies in all segments of society, especially in research and education.

The strategic objectives of SRCE

Continuous strategic objectives of SRCE are:

  1. To provide access to the latest technologies and information services to the academic community, as a pioneering segment of society, as well as the Croatian society as a whole.;
  2. To ensure that all scientific and higher education institutions and individuals have reliable and sustainable information and communication infrastructure and services, as a foundation for their daily activities and work;
  3. To support innovative and effective application of information technology in society, especially in science and education community through quality and accessible system of support, education and training users to use new technologies;
  4. To ensure that information and communication technology is easily, effectively and extensively used in the processes of education, research and business at the University of Zagreb;
  5. To collect and share knowledge about information and communication technologies and its application through collaboration and community assembly.

Main functions of SRCE

Starting from actual user needs, the current situation in the environment, and its position, the main functions of SRCE are the following:

  • It is the central hub of e-infrastructure system for science and higher education and the University of Zagreb,
  • expert center for ICT,
  • center for education and support in the area of ICT application.

SRCE's activities

SRCE's statute (cro) defines the following activities:

  • designing, construction and maintenance of information, communication and computing infrastructure (e-infrastructure),
  • designing , building and maintaining data centers and computer and communication centers, especially the national center for the exchange of Internet traffic,
  • designing, constructing and maintaining computer and communication networks, especially the Croatian academic and research network,
  • designing, constructing and maintaining computer and data warehouse systems , including
  • advanced computer systems and structures for special purposes,
  • designing, constructing and maintaining mediating and data systems ,
  • designing, constructing and maintaining IT and application systems and services ,
  • production, acquisition and distribution of software, counseling and support in relation to software,
  • providing IT support in construction and maintenance of e - infrastructure and IT services ,
  • promotion of IT skills in Croatia and abroad by organizing or participating in the organization of conferences and other educational and professional events and professional meetings and forums,
  • promotion of IT knowledge by issuing, printing and publication of manuals, books, magazines, periodicals and other publications in print, electronic and other forms,
  • preparation, organization and implementation of general and specialized education
  • programs, courses and workshops in the field of information and communication technology and related fields,
  • organizing computer workshops and summer schools aimed at raising IT skills,
  • education of adults and other education,
  • research, development and research projects in the field of information, communication and
  • computer technology, computer and information sciences,
  • research and experimental development in natural sciences and engineering,
  • research and experimental development in social sciences and humanities,
  • advisory and expert assistance and support in the application of information, communication and computer technology.

It is especially important to emphasize that all activities and functioning of SRCE don't have other goals besides objectives arising from the needs of its users. All results of SRCE activity are and should remain available to all members of the academic community who have the need to use its services and products.

Plans and activities of SRCE also start from public interest that academic and research communities and Croatian society as a whole have access to the necessary and reliable new technology and timely follow trends and participate equally in European and global activities.

Task of SRCE

Dual role of SRCE today is clearly recognizable as a national institution and as a center of national e-infrastructure, science and higher education as well as computer center and coordinator of the construction and maintenance of e-infrastructure at the University. Such a duality of roles arises from the decision on the establishment of SRCE and from its current statute.