Bulletin Srce novosti

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The aim of the bulletin “SRCE Novosti” is to convey to SRCE users and other interested stakeholders information about the plans and results of SRCE, and to share the knowledge accumulated in SRCE or knowledge related to the area of operation of SRCE.

The bulletin has been issued continuously since 2003 and has four regular issues per year.

Language of the bulletin is Croatian.

The bulletin is in the printed form and is distributed to about 3500 addresses in the Croatia academic community. The electronic version is published on the SRCE website and is available to all interested parties; the bulletin is published under CC licence: CC-BY-ND.

Current number:

SRCE Novosti 86 (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Past issues


Read more:

SRCE Novosti 84 (PDF, 4 MB)

We spoke with the first President of the EOSC, Karel Luyben, and the Director of "Digital Excellence and Science Infrastructure", DG Connect, European Commission, Thomas Skordas. Conversations in the Croatian language were also published in the 84th issue of the bulletin Srce novosti (PDF, 4 MB).