Access to Srce's user facilities for disabled persons

For disabled persons, the entrance on the west side of SRCE building has been provided.


An entrance for persons with disabilities has been provided at the west side of SRCE's building.

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The easiest way to reach the west entrance is from the south parking lot because there are no physical obstacles on the way to the wheelchair ramp that leads to the entrance(such as stairs etc.) To enter the building, ring the doorbell and wait for an employee to open the door.

A wheelchair lfit leads to classrooms SRCE-E1 and SRCE-E2.

Parking spaces for persons with disabilities are located at the north side of the building.

South parking lot     North facing view of south parking lot

Northern view of disabled access ramp

Western disabled entrance exterior     Western disabled entrance interior    

Elevator for disabled access     Disabled parking space across the street from the building

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