SRCE performed a number of activities on behalf of the Croatian Academic and Research Network CARNet. Most tasks performed by SRCE for CARNet were strategically important, significant but also a traditional segment of SRCE activities. Therefore, CARNet was an important partner of SRCE in accomplishing its mission and performing its activities. Without SRCE, it would probably have been impossible to build and maintain such a reliable academic network in Croatia, which was at the same time one of the technologically most advanced academic networks in Europe.


The history of cooperation of Srce and CARNet

The cooperation of SRCE and the Croatian Academic and Research Network CARNet started in 1991 when the CARNet project was launched which was operationalized through SRCE. SRCE acted as the operational center for the construction and maintenance of the CARNet network. The construction and maintenance of the network have been listed among the activites of SRCE in its Statute from the time when CARNet was not an institution. The first CARNet nod linked to the rest of the Internet was established in SRCE between 1991 and 1995, which enabled Internet access to the individual members of the academic community. Moreover, the registration of the Croatian top-level Internet domain .hr and the first information services and support systems for users were established.

Until 1995 when the institution CARNet was set up, SRCE performed all operational and organizational activities related to the functioning of the academic computing and communication network in Croatia. Ever since the Government of the Republic of Croatia founded CARNet in 1995, intense and extended cooperation has continued. The main aim of the cooperation of CARNet and SRCE is providing advanced, stable and reliable services in the area of informational and communication technologies to the academic community.

Since 2001 the relations between CARNet and SRCE have been defined by a number of contracts which state the aims, results, parameters of quality and role of each of the parties in performing the contracted activities. Besides contracts, our relations have been additionally extended through the cooperation of expert teams on development projects from the beginning of CARNet until 2005, as well as common activities in the international bodies and associations. SRCE and CARNet during 2001-2004 made a joint venture and refurbished the SRCE building and now both have offices in it.

Yet, from the beginning of  2005 CARNet management board decided to reduce the cooperation with SRCE, so that in the period between 2005 and 2007 CARNet seized the cooperation with SRCE on the following activities:

  • preparing and distributing hardware and application support for CARNet network servers (cooperation stopped on June 30, 2006);
  • hosting network servers (cooperation stopped on June 30, 2006);
  • managing CARNet network security (cooperation stopped on June 30, 2006);
  • help-desk for CARNet system engineers (cooperation stopped on June 30, 2006);
  • construction and maintenance of central infrastructural information services cooperation stopped on April 12, 2005);
  • maintenance of news services (cooperation stopped March 31, 2006);
  • public host service – internet access for institutions and individual members of the academic community and for non commercial purposes (cooperation stopped on June 30, 2007);
  • CARNet helpdesk for end users (cooperation stopped on June 30, 2007);
  • CARNet abuse service cooperation stopped on December 31, 2004);

In April 2009., after a total of 18 years, by the decision of CARNet's Management, SRCE ceased to perform the main task which was the basis of cooperation with CARNet -  being network operations center (NOC) of CARNet's network.

NOC was responsible for building, maintenance and reliable operation of the national academic and research network's backbone, for international connectivity and connectivity of the science and higher education institutions with the network's backbone.

SRCE's HR-DNS service officially stopped working on 31st December 2011 after almost 19 years of maintaining the .hr domain system.

Currently, SRCE and CARNet, both providers of basic e-infrastructure components for Croatia’s science and education, have no active formal business cooperation except for coexisting in the same building.

Common development projects of SRCE and CARNet

SRCE and CARNet intensely cooperated between 1995. and 2005. on several development projects, and the current framework of the CARNet network  is the result of the common  GigaCARNet project which was successfully completed by the end of 2004.