User Support

User_support_MerlinThe E-learning Centre Team supports users in the process of the implementation of e-learning technologies in the educational process. So far in our work, we have provided support for numerous institutions in the process of e-learning implementation. The team provides help to teachers in the preparation and maintenance of e-courses, organizes training for teaching staff in e-learning technologies and supports students in the virtual environment.

The E-learning Centre maintains outstanding levels of support and user satisfaction through:

  • Technical support to users who work with e-learning technologies maintained by the E-learning Centre
  • Advised support to teachers in preparation and maintenance of e-courses (help desk, consultancy, projects on the e-course development)
  • Training Courses on the use of e-learning technologies maintained by the E-learning Centre
  • Manuals, instructions, animations and cheatsheets about the use of e-learning technologies
  • Promotional activities with the aim to raise awareness on e-learning and create a network of people
  •    Annual events (The E-learning Day, The E-learning Centre Week, MoodleMoot Croatia).