E-portfolio System

E_portfolioThe E-learning Centre (CEU) has established the e-portfolio system available to the academic community. The e-portfolio system allows students, teaching staff and institutions to develop e-portfolios for personal use, for presentation or as a learning activity.

The e-portfolio system enables collection, organization and presentation of qualifications, experiences, ideas, activities and achievements assembled and managed by the user. For collecting and organizing contents in the e-portfolio system different media can be used, such as audio, video, graphics and text. The system also provides the possibility of interaction with other users and groups within the system.

The CEU uses the e-portfolio system Mahara.

The E-learning Centre's e-portfolio

The e-portfolio system is available:

  • Directly at the address: merlin.srce.hr/eportfolio
  • through the E-learning platform Merlin at the address merlin.srce.hr under section "Ostali resursi", which is located on the right side of the interface

To access the e-portfolio system you need to have an electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system.

E-porfolio Croatia Chapter

Project: Use of e-portfolio system in educational process