The basic task of the Helpdesk is to provide a advisory help to present and future users of SRCE in using information technologies and the Internet.

The most important service provided by the SRCE Helpdesk is customer support by giving direct verbal or written instructions, i.e. referring the users to the appropriate address that can help them in solving their problems.

You can contact the Helpdesk

Helpdesk office hours are

  • weekdays from 8:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m

User instructions

When reporting a technical problem, it is important to describe the problem the best you can, and to illustrate it with examples. For example, state your personal data (user name, name of the system which you use), software or operating system which you use, data about the setup of the engine or program with which you are experiencing problems. Make sure that you state the precise time when the problem appeared, as well as messages of the system immediately before or after the observed problem. The mentioned information will ensure that you get a quicker, more correct and more complete answer.