PLA#4: Detailed programme of the event

Peer Learning Activity was organized within the Strategic Framework for European Co-operation in Education and Training ET2020 at the European Commission, Working Group Digital Education: Learning, Teaching and Assessment. The hosts of the event are University Computing Centre SRCE and Ministry of Science and Education.


Monday, 3 February

Venue: University Computing Centre SRCE building, Josipa Marohnića 5, Zagreb.
Registration from 9am


Objectives of PLA: Dr. Sandra Kucina Softic, Assistant Director for Education and User Support, University Computing Centre University of Zagreb,
Deirdre Hodson, Working Group Coordinator, DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, European Commission.



Welcome from our hosts:
Professor Branka Ramljak, Ph.D., State Secretary at the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia
Dr. Zoran Bekic, Director of the University of Zagreb University Computing Centre.


Scene setter: Developing the digital skills of educators
Dr Terry Maguire, Director, National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Ireland, Q&As, discussion 

Recording_Terry_Maguire Presentation_Terrry_Maguire
10:45 Coffee break
11:00 Guided tour of the University Computing Centre SRCE
Dr. Sandra Kučina Softić & Emir Imamagić, SRCE

OECD research:

Deborah Nusche, Senior Analyst , School Resources Review, Directorate for Education and Skills, OECD

Recording_Deborah_Nusche Presentation_Deborah_Nusche


Good practice examples

  • Finland: National Teacher Education Forum and case OpenDigi – Teachers in Developer Communities of Learning Skills and Digital Pedagogics, Heikki Kontturi, University of Oulu

Recording_Heikki_Kontturi Presentation_Heikki Kontturi

  • Norway: Online CPD programme in Professional Digital Competence, feedback from schools, Marijana Kelentric, Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training 

Recording_Marijana_Kelentric Presentation_Deborah_Nusche

12:45 Discussion in groups
13:00 Lunchbreak

Innovation in teacher CPD report key findings: Dr Riina Vuorikari, Joint Research Centre, European Commission. 

Recording_Riina_Vuorikari Presentation_Riina Vuorikari


Digital Competence Framework for Educators, DigCompEdu – update and discussion, Dr Riina Vuorikari, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Recording_Riina_Vuorikari Presentation_Riina Vuorikari


Development of Digital Skills for Educators – Good Practice from e-Schools Project: Associate professor Valentina Kirinić, Ph.D. and Assistant professor Goran Hajdin, Ph.D. Faculty of Organisation and Informatics University of Zagreb

Recording_Kirinic_Hajdin Presentation_Kirinic_Hajdin

15:15 Coffee break

Empowering Teachers with Data Science and AI: Associate professor Ivica Botički, Ph.D. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing University of Zagreb 

Recording_Ivica_Boticki Presentation_Kirinic_Hajdin

Digital Education Action Plan, Foresight report #3: Technology supporting teaching, AI skills for educators, Dr Riina Vuorikari, Joint Research Centre, European Commission. 


16:30 Group work
17:20 End of day 1
19:00 Dinner hosted by Ministry of Science and Education - Museum of Arts and Crafts, Trg Republike Hrvatske 10

Tuesday, 4 February

Venue: University Computing Centre SRCE building, Josipa Marohnića 5, Zagreb.

8:45-9:00 All delegates met at SRCE - departure for site visits
  • Site visit to the Faculty of Teacher Education University of Zagreb, Initial teacher training for future teachers, host: Assistant Professor Višnja Rajić, Ph.D. Vice-dean for student and academic affairs
  • Site visit to the IX Gymnasium Secondary School – innovative teaching and learning in school education, host Arjana Blažić, teacher


12:00-12:15 Return to SRCE
12:15-12:45 Discussion in groups
12:45-13:30 Lunch break

Good practice examples

  • Portugal, Digital skills for schools: training centres and CPD programmes, Maria João Horta, Ministry of Education, Portugal

Recording_Maria_João_Horta Presentation_Portugal

  • Poland, Teacher training programme in schools, Łucja KornaszewskaAntoniuk, Orange Foundation Poland. 

Recording_Łucja_KornaszewskaAntoniuk Presentation_Poland


Erasmus+ project: Developing Student Teachers’ Digital Competence Teacher digital competence, DICTE project, Dr Oliver McGarr, School of Education, University of Limerick, Ireland. 

Recording_Oliver_McGarr  Presentation_Oliver_McGarr


Italy: Teacher training programmes, new developments, Pierluigi Vaglioni, Ministry of Education

Recording_Pierluigi_Vaglioni Presentation_Pierluigi Vaglioni

Spain: Teacher training in digital skills, Francisco Manuel González Galán, Ministry of Education

Recording_Francisco_Manuel_González_Galán Presentation_Francisco Manuel González Galán 

Hungary: Developing Teachers’ Digital Competences, Mónika Réti, Ministry of Education 

Recording_Mónika_Réti Presentation_Mónika Réti  

15:20 Discussion in groups continued
15:30 Coffee available
16:45 Plenary discussion, key messages. 
17:15 End of PLA. Departures. 
19:00 Optional sightseeing tour of Zagreb

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