Use of e-portfolio system in educational process

e-porfolio_sveucilisna_nastava.pngThe E-learning Centre of the University Computing Centre SRCE is the coordinator of the project Use of e-portfolio system in educational process which is financed by the University of Zagreb Development Fund.

The project will be delivered in cooperation with the University of Porto, Portugal, a European university with a respectable tradition in the use of ICT and e-learning technologies in higher education. Professors at this University have been using e-portfolio in the educational process for some time and have gained valuable knowledge and experience in this field.

The use of e-portfolio as a tool in class provides professors with a possibility to assess students additionally and in a new way, to continuously monitor their progress and additionally evaluate learning outcomes. E-portfolio as an educational activity serves as a way to raise student awareness of their work and progress in a course. The goal of this project is the use of ICT in improvement of quality of university education and continuous education of professors. The project relates to the E-learning Strategy of the University of Zagreb, indirectly to the Undergraduate and graduate studies regulations at the University of Zagreb as well as the implementation of Bologna process at the University of Zagreb.

The project duration: February 2012 - February, 2013.

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