Visit from the Erasmus IP students to the E-learning Centre

Zagreb, September 15, 2011

Within the Erasmus Intensive Program "Information and communication technology in supporting the educational process", students from the University of Alberta (Portugal), the University of Hacettepe (Turkey) and the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) visited the E-learning Centre at the University Computing Centre of the University of Zagreb. Holder of this Erasmus project is the Department of Information Science at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Erasmus Intensive Projects are a part of Life Long Learning Program of the European Union and their aim is to bring together students and professors from EU and non EU countries to increase their knowledge on specific and interdisciplinary topics which are not a part of the educational curriculum, as well as to broaden experience. In this project students were able to learn and discuss about educational technology and support. Topics to be discussed were:

  • Libraries and e-learning
  • Quality management in e-learning
  • Assessment in e-learning
  • Intellectual property rights in the digital age
  • Information literacy, Service E-learning, Psychology and LIS environment
  • New media and virtual worlds as educational platform.

The E-learning Centre team welcomed visitors in the premises of the University Computing Centre and gave introduction about the University Computer Centre and the E-learning Centre. Visitors were informed about the e-learning implementation process at the University of Zagreb and about the role of the E-learning Centre and its experience in the e-learning support in the educational process. At the end, system for webinars, one of the e-learning technologies, was introduced to the students with examples of its use.