Information systems and applications for UNIZG

IT support to the Rector's Office

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SRCE, the University Computing Centre in Zagreb provides IT support to the Rector's Office to ensure reliable operation of servers, online services and applications for the University administration, as well as personal computers and other IT equipment at the locations of the Rectorate. Several employees are engaged for these tasks, and if necessary, they engage other resources available in SRCE.

For the purposes of the Rectorate, and the entire University of Zagreb, SRCE performs a series of tasks related to the development and maintenance of information systems and applications, including the following standard activities:

  • to develop and improve information services for the needs of the Zagreb University
  • to participate in the process of defining the needs of the University in terms of the application of IT technologies as well as in the process of connecting the currently existing information services used by the University
  • to ensure regular maintenance of information systems and applications which SRCE has developed for the needs of the Zagreb University
  • to enable the use of standard collaboration tools (such as wiki, forum) in the University's everyday activities

Within these activities, SRCE is responsible for coordination of functioning, usage and development of IPISVU-SuZg - Integrated business information system of the University of Zagreb. Computing infrastructure of the system is located on the virtualization infrastructure at SRCE. SRCE also develops and maintains a range of applications required by the Rector's Office ("rector's award", "data on student enrollment," "scholarships", "doctoral promotion," "academic identity card", "alumni", "curricula", "register of student associations" ) and supports the use of collaborative tools (wiki and forum) for the purposes of Senate, boards, offices and other University bodies.

Performing tasks of interest to the entire academic and research community in Croatia, a significant portion of resources in SRCE are focused on meeting the needs of faculties and academies, students, professors and teachers of the University. The aim is to support the University in carrying out its fundamental tasks: education and research, thereby contributing to ensuring further excellence and recognition of the University in national, regional and European context.