MoodleMoot 2021 Croatia

New decade of MoodleMoot

In June 2020 we have celebrated 10 years of MoodleMoot Croatia, and now we are turning towards a new decade in the Moodlemoot organisation. First online Moodlemoot we had was a great event. This year we are planning Moodlemoot online again, because epidemic measures are still preventing us from gathering in larger groups. The way we work, teach and learn has changed greatly and although measures are decreasing, we still need to continue to work in a different environment to the one we have been experiencing before pandemic. However, now is the right time to think about the future of education in which online teaching and learning will certainly have significant role Moodle has become a very good collaborator over the past period for numerous of teachers and students. What do you think, what will be the role of systems such as Moodle in the future? How to design teaching and learning in a virtual environment and what are the differences in the preparation of teaching in the classroom and teaching online? Do you have all the digital competencies needed to conduct online classes? You have probably discovered many possibilities and functionalities that Moodle has to offer, forced to devise activities that are done normally only in the physical classroom.  What are your experiences and plans for synchronous and asynchronous teaching (both in the classroom and online) in the future? What we know for sure is that the future will bring a new, rather different version of Moodle – Moodle 4.0. planned to be out in November 2021poster.png

Moodlemoot Croatia is an opportunity to meet and share our experiences and knowhow, to get new ideas and to see how we can improve the quality of teaching and learning in an online environment.


 Invited lecturers

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  • My course in Moodle - what have I learned
  • Future Moodle impact in education (synchronous, asynchronous, mixed teaching)
  • Technical side of Moodle (add-ons, connection to other systems, Moodle 4.0)
  • Knowledge exams: Quizzes, SEB, Assignments
  • Digital competencies for work in Moodle