1000th e-course opened in Merlin

25. 2. 2013.

We have just opened the 1000th e-course in the academic year 2012/2013 in the e-learning platform Merlin. The e-course in question is "Descriptive Geometry" of Assist. Prof. M. Rodić Lipanović, Ph. D.  from the Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb. The professor will be presented with a small gift on this occasion.   There is an increase in the number of faculty managements and teachers who recognise the possibilities of information and communication technologies and e-learning technologies in the improvement of the educational process. The availability of technologies and tools as well as the availability of systematic support and education for users have a crucial role in this. The E-learning Centre of the University Computing Centre (SRCE) focuses on providing support which will make the use of ICT and e-learning technologies easy and simple, so that teachers can concentrate on the educational and pedagogical goals.