1000th e-course opened in the new academic year on the e-learning platform Merlin

7. 10. 2013.

We have just opened the 1000th e-course on the e-learning platform Merlin in the academic year 2013/2014.   This number gives us great joy because the number of faculty managements and teachers who recognise the possibilities of e-learning technologies in the improvement of the educational process is growing every day.   The availability of e-learning technologies and tools, as well as the availability of systematic support and training provided by the E-learning Centre SRCE have a crucial role for teachers, who more eagerly decide to incorporate new technologies and approaches into their teaching.   We finished the previous academic year with 1196 e-courses, and with all e-courses in archives of previous academic years, the e-learning platform Merlin has a total of 3829 e-courses.