10. 6. 2021.

University Computing Centre SRCE is organizing 11th MoodleMoot Croatia on June 16th, 2021 and it will be held online. This year Moodlemoot Croatia 2021 is official Moodlemoot and is registered under the Moodlemoot events.

The way we work, teach and learn has changed greatly and although measures are easing, we still need to continue to work in a different environment to the one we have been accustomed to before the pandemic. However, now is the right time to think about the future of education in which online teaching and learning will certainly have a significant role. 

Moodle has become a very good collaborator over the past period for numerous teachers and students. 

Moodlemoot Croatia is an opportunity to meet and share experiences and knowhow, to get new ideas, and to see how we can improve the quality of teaching and learning in an online environment.

This year keynotes are:

  • Professor Predrag Pale, Ph. D., teacher, researcher and visionary who will join us with an interesting lecture titled "Check if you are still suitable to teach after pandemic",
  • Jasmin Davies Hodge and Sam Taylor from Catalyst who will talk about how to preserve wellbeing in the virtual world and how much it affects the future of learning.
  • Sandra Bangma from Moodle HQ who will present Moodle version 3.11, and give insight into Moodle 4.0.

We have a very rich programme so join us virtually on June 16th starting from 9:00 AM.

More information about the event and programme is available on 11th MoodleMoot site.

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