The 2016 European University Games Zagreb – Rijeka

4. 8. 2016.

The 2016 European University Games Zagreb – Rijeka were officially opened on July 12th. Almost 5 500 participants from 45 European countries and 300 Universities will participate at the Games.

SRCE has also contributed to this multisport event by coordinating the eduroam system and StuDOM infrastructure thus ensuring free and fast wireless Internet access to all participants.

eduroam system is a global system that enables users from science and education system a safe, simple, free and usually wireless Internet access. Access points are located all around Croatia and the world to which users login using their unique electronic identities. During the Games, Croatian users should use their AAI@EduHr identities, while the rest of the students should use identities provided to them by their institutions. Participants who do not possess an electronic identity of any kind will be provided with a temporary one.

eduroam is currently available at more than 18 000 locations in more than 70 countries. Croatia provides Internet access from 330 locations.

SRCE is a national coordinator of eduroam system and, as a part of the GN4 project, it also coordinates this system Europe wide.

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Maskota Igara Hrčko u Rijeci