4000nd e-course just opened for the academic year 2014/2015!

23. 2. 2015.

The e-learning system Merlin, based on Moodle, just reached the number of 4000 opened courses. There are already over 56,400 users overall and over 10,000 unique users on a weekly basis (teachers and students). Virtual learning environment (Merlin) consists of a platform for e-learning, e-portfolio system and web conferences platform for webinars and is associated with the ISVU system. It's possible to use a number of various activities and resources in the Merlin system. One of the most important activity for teachers is Assignment but there are great number of other interesting activities such as MindMap, Lessons and Games. The Quizzes are very popular and currently, on the system Merlin, there are nearly 1400 active quizzes. E-learning Centre continues with its regular workshops and courses on the topic of e-learning. More details about the courses and workshops as for the application procedure are available on the website of the E-learning Centre.