The 4,000th e-course in the academic year 2015/2016

2. 11. 2015.

The 4,000 e-course was opened in Merlin, the e-learning system. Merlin is used by 70,000 users, and it is visited by more than 17,000 unique users (teachers and students) weekly. The fact that the 4,000th e-course was opened as soon as October shows that teachers and institutions in the higher education need the new technologies in order to modernize education and improve its quality. Last academic year, more than 4,300 e-courses were created in Merlin, and the year before last just over 1,900 e-courses. Virtual Learning Environment (the Merlin system) consists of an e-learning system, an e-portfolio system and a webinar system and is connected with the ISVU system as well. Among the many activities and resources that the Merlin system offers, the system's most widely used activities are Forum and Assignment, used by students to submit various papers, whereas there are almost 14,000 files containing teaching materials. Centre for e-learning holds workshops and courses on the subject of e-learning regularly. You can find out more about the courses and workshops as well as the application process and schedule on-line, at the Centre for e-learning website and on the front page of the Merlin system.