49th birthday of SRCE

29. 4. 2020.

April 29, 2020 marks the 49th anniversary of our founding, which means we are entering the fiftieth year of work and activity in the field of application of new information and communication technologies in Croatia.

SRCE was founded in 1971 under the auspices of the University of Zagreb, then the only university in Croatia, and the decision to found SRCE was signed by Rector Ivan Supek. The group of university professors who led the project of establishing the SRCE visionary then outlined the strategic goals of SRCE, which are still relevant today: to provide the academic community, as a leading segment of society, but also to Croatian society as a whole, access to the latest technologies and information services, to provide all institutions and individuals reliable and sustainable information and communication infrastructure and services from the systems of science and higher education necessary for daily operation and to support innovative and effective application of information technologies through the acquisition and sharing of knowledge, through a high quality and accessible system of support, education and training of users for use new technologies.

Today, the achievement of these strategic goals is linked to the facilitation and support of open education and open science, as synonymous with modern education and internationally relevant research. SRCE does this by building a modern communication, computer, data and information infrastructure (e-infrastructure) and associated services. Currently, there are about 50 different services and systems available to the academic and research community, and part of them to the entire Croatian society. Some of these SRCE services and systems are used by tens or even hundreds of thousands of users.

At our 49th birthday, we also released a press release with an even closer look at our services and projects. Read "SRCE Day - 49 years of application of new information technologies in education and science".

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