Anniversary website to mark the 50th birthday of SRCE

25. 1. 2021.

Dear friends of the SRCE, we are in a year in which the University computing centre SRCE celebrates 50 years of its activity. The foundation of SRCE was a response to the needs of the academic community, but also of the entire Croatian society, to start more systematic and comprehensive application of new information and communication technologies, which modernizes and changes the processes of education and research. Thus SRCE has been, for fifty years now, at the heart of what we today call the digital transformation of science and higher education.

Created under the auspices of the University of Zagreb, then the only university in Croatia, based on the decision signed by Rector Ivan Supek on April 29, 1971, Srce has made and enabled many steps in the application of the latest technologies in science, education and the whole Croatian society. Therefore, we can really say that the history of SRCE is also an important part of the history of Croatian informatics. We present a part of that history to you through the anniversary web

The anniversary web, in these uncertain times, is a place to celebrate our jubilee that is available to all who follow the work of SRCE, use our services or systems - in a word to our friends, regardless of the time and place from which they access it.

Throughout the year, in addition to the already published selected archival documents and publications of SRCE and a photo gallery, we will also present our present. Thus, in January of 2021, we presented in more detail the SRCE's E-learning centre which many of you probably already know about.

In the coming months, we will showcase other prominent SRCE's services as well, so stay tuned throughout the year.

Take a look at our achievements in the first 50 years!


Anniversary website to mark the 50th birthday of SRCE