Constitutive Session of the Council of the Croatian Open Science Cloud Initiative

9. 9. 2021.

The constitutive session of the Council of the Croatian Open Science Cloud (HR-OOZ) Initiative was held at the Ministry of Science and Education on September 3rd, 2021. This event was the first step towards the development of a national open science plan and the establishment of the HR-OOZ.

The session was held after Radovan Fuchs, Ph. D., Minister of Science and Education, solemnly handed the signed Memorandum of Understanding to the members of the HR-OOZ Initiative.

The director of SRCE, Ivan Marić, was elected for the president of the Council, and the executive director of the Croatian Science Foundation, Irena Martinović Klarić, Ph. D.,  and the director of the Ruđer Bošković Institute, David Matthew Smith, Ph. D., were elected as vice presidents. This selection reflects three categories of institutions that are crucial for science system to function properly - policy makers and funders, researchers and service providers. Furthermore, the Council adopted the criteria for the joining new members to the Initiative, which are available on the HR-OOZ Initiative website in Croatian language.

Konstituirajuća sjednica Vijeća Inicijative HR-OOZ

In order to achieve main goals of the HR-OOZ Initiative, the Council supported the formation of two task forces: the Task Force for drafting proposals for the national plan and policies of open science and the Task Force for defining the structure and principles of HR-OOZ.

Members of the Task Force for Drafting a National Plan and Policy for Open Science will draft a proposal of National Open Science Plan, a proposal for provisions related to open science for the new law governing scientific activities and a template for an open science policy for science and higher education institutions.

Members of the Task Force for Defining the Structure and Principles of HR-OOZ will develop criteria for inclusion of services in HR-OOZ, draft the rules of procedures for HR-OOZ, which contains organizational and management structure and prepare a catalog of HR-OOZ services.

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