Croatian Internet is 27 years old

21. 11. 2019.

Twenty-seven years ago, on November 17, 1992, the Croatian Academic and Research Computer-Communication Network, based on the IP protocol and its link to the global Internet, was officially launched in the hall of the Rectorate of the University of Zagreb. This day is officially counted as the day the Internet came to life in Croatia.

The construction of a network based on the IP protocol and the establishment of an Internet connection of Croatia to the world (it was a 9.6 kbps connection between SRCE and the University of Vienna) was carried out by the team of the University Computing Center (SRCE) as part of the project of building a national academic network - the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet.

With the development of the Internet SRCE has developed and implemented various protocols and services to meet the needs of its users. We have listed those first steps, as well as further moments in the history of the Croatian Internet for which we are credited on the page "25 years of the Internet in the Republic of Croatia" (in Croatian only). Let's recall those first days.

Just as, 27 years ago, SRCE was building an academic network and bringing the Internet to the Republic of Croatia, so nowadays SRCE is thinking and building a new generation of e-infrastructure for the needs of science and education in the Republic of Croatia - the Croatian Science and Education Cloud - HR-ZOO.

At SRCE we are proud that a part of the team responsible for bringing the Internet to Croatia is still working with us.

Dobriša Dobrenić, Ivan Marić and Davorin Gabriel, part of the Srce team

Dobriša Dobrenić, Ivan Marić and Davorin Gabriel, part of the SRCE team