Croatian Science Foundation introduced Research Data Management Plan

17. 1. 2022.

Croatian Science Foundation has announced that from March 15 2022 the Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) will be mandatory part of the application documentation for all future projects that financed by Croatian Science Foundation.

The lag phase will last until the end of 2022 and in this period, the RDMP will not be evaluated. The RDMP is a document that shows how research data is created, stored, shared and protected during and after the project life cycle. With this decision, the Croatian Science Foundation is making a significant step in the implementation of open science and harmonization with the European research area. RDMP will make research data, collected through public funding available for future use and encourage researchers to effectively manage and share their data. More information about the RDMP is available on the Croatian Science Foundation.

University Computing Centre SRCE had prepare, developed and publish various supporting and educative materials that can help researcher with data management that are available online: handbook “How to manage research data”,  webinar “How qualitatively organize and manage research data” and self- paced course “Research data management”.

HRZZ - plan upravljanja istraživačkim podacima

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