Croatian Web Archive added to Memento

19. 8. 2020.

As part of the cooperation between the Croatian National and University Library (NSK) and the University Computing Centre of the University of Zagreb (SRCE) on the development and maintenance of the Croatian Web Archive (HAW), support for the Memento protocol was implemented and HAW became part of the global community of web archives searchable with Memento.

Memento is a protocol created as part of the eponymous project run by Los Alamos National Laboratory and Old Dominion University.

The web is an extremely dynamic medium, with content changing from minute to minute and, according to research, sometimes disappearing alltogether in a very short time. Therefore, it is important for users who search for information from the past on the web to find it as easily and comprehensively as possible. Memento helps them do this by adding a time dimension to the web so that users, in addition to the original web pages, can easily access archived versions of web pages that were available at some point in the past.

With Memento, users can get to previous versions of web pages via their URL and by entering the date of the previous version of the web page they are interested in. Users don't have to know which web archives are available and which of them may have the required version of the web page. If the requested web page exists in any archive included in the Memento community, the user will receive the archived page that is closest in time to the requested date.

Memento currently supports over 20 web archives worldwide.

All you need to do is add the Memento plugin in your browser (Chrome, Firefox) or go to the Time Travel portal and start your journey through time on the web.Time Travel portal