Display of articles using the XML format enabled in HRČAK

4. 7. 2019.

Portal of Croatian Scientific and Professional Journals - HRČAK houses 471 Croatian journal and a total of more than 200,000 published papers with full text in PDF format. Since 2017, HRČAK offers an optional opportunity to publish works in the JATS XML format, and currently there are 1100+ works published in the XML format in 24 magazines. All properly created XML documents are now visible on the interface and can be read entirely from the web browser.

The creation and publication of articles in XML format is a model of modern scientific publishing, which is used by more and more databases and publishers (PubMed, ScieLo, MDPI ...). The advantages of this kind of publication are format openness, better quality mining and full content search, more interactive use of content for users, tables and references, the possibility of placing multimedia content in articles and faster data entry into HRČAK.