E-learning platform Merlin now on Moodle version 2.9

9. 9. 2015.

At the beginning of the new academic year the E-learning Centre team has organized additional activities and support for teachers to help them prepare and improve their e-learning courses. The e-learning platform Merlin has been upgraded to a new version of Moodle - 2.9 which also has new visual design based on the responsive design concept. Merlin now has modern navigation through e-courses and more advanced settings in certain activities, simplifying the management of users profiles. New version of teachers’ manuals can be found on the Manuals page. A number of on-line and face to face courses and workshops are prepared for teachers to help them get acquainted with new technologies and to help them learn how to integrate these technologies into teaching and learning process. On-line courses have started on September 1st. Face to face courses and workshops will be held in September as part of the E-learning Centre Week (21-30 September 2015). You can find more information about this on E-learning Centre Week page.