E-learning platform Merlin recorded more than 1.000 simultaneous users

29. 1. 2019.

Every day more and more teachers and students are using SRCE e-learning platform Merlin which has become an essential element in teaching at numerous higher education institutions. At the end of semester, users’ activity is traditionally the highest because students are preparing for exams. This requires the system to run smoothly so that students can access all necessary learning materials and that they are able to do all the necessary activities on the system. User activity on the system must also be accompanied by the reliable e-learning system infrastructure that will enable a comfortable and smooth operation for all users.

Last week 1,135 simultaneous users were recorded on the e-learning platform Merlin, which represents increase of 33% compared to January 2018 and it indicates an enhancement in the number of users and the system usage itself. Currently there are 10,555 e-courses from 117 higher education institutions at the e-learning platform Merlin. In this academic year the Merlin is used by 53,892 students and 6,070 teachers. The average time the user spends at the e-learning platform Merlin is 5.2 minutes.