EGI-ACE is officially kicked-off and launched

15. 2. 2021.

On the 4th of February, the EGI-ACE project had its formal project kick-off meeting, the first event that allowed for 140 representatives of the project consortium to meet virtually. Every part of the project was presented by the relevant project activity leader, ranging from project management, expected events, to the goals and impact that are envisioned.

Within the EGI-ACE project, SRCE participates in the development and maintenance of the ARGO system. ARGO is a system for monitoring of EOSC services, sending notifications in case of incidents and reporting on the availability and reliability of services. During the kick-off meeting, experts from SRCE participated in discussions on the mechanisms for monitoring new EOSC Compute Platform services and their integration into the ARGO system.

On Friday the 5th, the EGI-ACE project hosted its public launch event, which allowed any interested individual to join and learn more about the project. The event started with an overview that presented the opportunities the EGI-ACE project offers to users and service providers to benefit from the EOSC Compute Platform. The session was followed by presentations covering the infrastructure, platform, and federation services that EGI-ACE provides for various use cases in the compute, data management, and authentication-authorisation domain.

The following section focused on Data Spaces – scientific datasets coupled with scalable data analysis tools in the EOSC Compute Platform. The following Data Space services were presented:

More information about Data Spaces supported by EGI-ACE will be provided at the EGI-ACE Community Workshop on February 16th and 17th.

The last part of the public launch event zoomed in on EGI-ACE partner projects from the INFRAEOSC-07 call. This provided the audience an opportunity to not only learn more about each project, but also to understand how EGI-ACE and each project aims to collaborate and what common purpose all aim to serve.

  • DICE (Data Infrastructure Capacity for EOSC) – Debora Testi (CINECA)
  • OpenAIRE-Nexus (Scholarly Communication Services for EOSC users) – Paolo Manghi (CNR-ISTI)
  • RELIANCE (REsearch LIfecycle mAnagemeNt for Earth Science Communities and CopErnicus users in EOSC) – Raul Palma (PSNC)
  • C-SCALE (Copernicus – eoSC AnaLytics Engine) – Christian Briese (EODC)

Unfortunately, meetings like these are still not being held face to face, but luckily creativity and modern-day technology allowed for some virtual networking and team building activities. If you missed the chance to attend the public launch event, find all presentations on the Indico website.

SRCE within the EGI-ACE project provides support to researchers in using the EOSC Compute Platform. For more information visit:

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