Ending of international IPA project

11. 2. 2015.

The final conference of the International IPA project "Development of higher education qualifications standards and study programmes on the basis of CROQF for wood industry sector" wil be held on Thursday, February 12 2015 at Faculty of Forestry at University of Zagreb. The final conference of the project that was led by Faculty of Forestry will be attended by all the partners in the project: Biotechnical Faculty of University in Ljubljana, Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Technology Engineers and University Computing Centre (SRCE). The objective of this two year long project was to improve higher education for better qualifications and employability in the wood industry sector.
At the final conference the results of the project and the acquired knowledge and experiences during the project will be discussed. Role of SRCE on the project was to educate teachers to work with e-learning technologies and teacher's integration into the educational process and the establishment and maintenance of five e-courses. During the project courses and workshops for teachers were held, SRCE worked with teachers individually and through consultation in order to develop e-courses.
As a result at the end of the project, 10 e-courses were established and maintained at the Faculty of Forestry. You can find more information about the project on pages of the Faculty of Forestry http://hko.sumfak.unizg.hr/en/.