EOSC Future explores the needs of European researchers

25. 8. 2021.

The EOSC Future project in which SRCE participates, would like to develop a European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) that can support the shifting needs of the EU’s research communities. To do so, it is looking to understand the day-to-day work culture and habits of its current and potential users. That is why it is launching its first EOSC User Survey.

The EU-funded EOSC Future will develop a European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) to strengthen European science. EOSC will be a platform where researchers can find, share and process interoperable datasets, publications, code and other research outputs. It will also include professionally provided services for computing and storage to support end-to-end research workflows.

With its first User Survey, EOSC Future hopes to get a clearer view of how its (potential) users work. The survey includes questions about digital tools researchers use to structure and complete their tasks, everyday challenges and more long-term roadblocks. It tries to understand researchers’ working environment and habits to ensure EOSC fits day-to-day routines. The survey also explores the ways in which European researchers expect their work to evolve in the coming years. This would allow EOSC Future to develop an EOSC that can more easily accommodate shifts in research and working cultures.

The survey welcomes inputs from everyone in the European research ecosystem. This includes researchers, research librarians, policymakers, higher education administrators or funders as well as citizen scientists. It is also looking to collect insights from any other stakeholders with knowledge of research data practices in general and EOSC in particular.

Above all, this survey hopes to collect responses from scientists in different stages of their careers, from different disciplines and in different European countries to get a better understanding of how they work.

The survey will accept responses until 2 September 2021 and it is available on EOSC portal. More about the EOSC Future project is available on SRCE webpages.

Link to EOSC survey