Fifth University E-learning Day

10. 12. 2013.

This year’s E-learning day will start with the announcement of the international conference on e-learning – EDEN 2014 which will be held 10-13 June, in Zagreb. The conference hosts are the University of Zagreb and the University Computing Centre SRCE and it will be announced by President of EDEN (European Distance and E-learning Network), professor Antonio Moreira Teixeira from Aberta University, Portugal, via webinar. Traditionally, the winner of the E-learning Award for the best e-learning course will be awarded and a retrospective of all awarded courses which won the 1st or 2nd prize will also be held this year. The E-learning day programme also includes the panel discussion on Strategy of studies and studying at the University of Zagreb with an emphasis on teaching methods and technologies. Finally, a workshop for teachers on learning outcomes will be held titled “Learning outcomes: how to plan actively and develop real student competences”.   We invite professors, students, faculty management and everyone interested in e-learning to join us for this year’s University E-learning Day.