First Croatian RDA event held: "Research Data - What About Them?"

3. 3. 2020.

On February 27, 2020, the first RDA event "Research Data - What about them?" Was organized at the University of Rijeka Convention Center, organized by the Croatian National RDA Node (SRCE) and the University Library Rijeka. The event was attended by 32 researchers and librarians from various institutions and universities. The set was divided into three sections where librarians and researchers could become better acquainted with research data topics, covering FAIR principles, RDA results (23 guidelines: support for research data management and the book Engaging Researchers with Data Management: The Cookbook), repository certification, best practices, and data licensing.

The guest speaker of the event was Assoc. prof. dr. Ph.D. Jadranka Stojanovski who spoke to the participants about the management and sharing of research data. In her presentation, she highlighted the many benefits that researchers, institutions, financiers, and society as a whole can derive from open sharing of research data and what obstacles must be removed to fully make open sharing a reality.

An interesting presentation was given by dr. Ph.D. Lovorka Barac Lauc from the Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ), where she shared with the participants exclusive information about the introduction of a mandatory DMP (Data Management Plan) as part of a project application from the next deadline in November 2020 for IP (Research Projects) and UIP (Installation Research Projects). She noted that the DMP form will consist of four departments covering data collection and documentation, ethics, legal and security issues, data storage and preservation, and data sharing and reuse. She emphasized that the DMP is a "living" document that will be continually modified and updated throughout the project, while the final version will be submitted upon completion of the project.

The final part of the event featured a demo of the data set entry at the Dabar test repository, where participants had the opportunity to see what steps and information they had to enter into their institution's repositories in order to successfully complete the entry and publish their research data.

The next RDA event will be held on March 13, 2020 at the University Library Split. The program and applications can be found on the page "Research Data - what about them?".

We would like to remind you that the Research Data Alliance (RDA) is a global organization focused on developing the social and technical conditions for open sharing and re-use of data and fostering data-driven innovation. At the beginning of March 2020, the RDA had more than 9,960 individual members from 144 countries.


First Croatian RDA event „Research Data - What About Them?“