GÉANT Project Marked as “Excellent”

3. 7. 2015.

On May 31st GÉANT3plus project (RI-605243) successfully ended. As a part of this project, Croatian Academic and Research Network CARNet was a full member of the International pan-European Consortium, and University Computing Centre Srce participated as a Third Party. GÉANT project was presented to an independent group of experts, authorized by the European Commission to evaluate projects. The project was marked as "Excellent". This year, the same as during the previous generations of GÉANT project, both CARNet and Srce extensively contributed to the development of the most advanced information-communication infrastructure and related services. One of the services Croatia has been developing from the very beginning, due to Srce's contributions, is eduroam™. GÉANT project, worth 80 million euro, has been a part of the EU Framework Programme – FP7, and therefore supported and co-financed with more than 40 million euro by the European Union.