Google Global Cache deployed in Srce

3. 5. 2011.

On May 3rd, Google Global Cache was deployed in University Computing Centre Srce, thus making Srce part of the GGC beta programme.

GGC enables organizations to optimize network infrastructure costs associated with the delivery of Google and YouTube content in a way that delivers content to end-users from Croatia.

The exponential growth of Internet content and increasing number of end users inevitably leads to an increased demand for network bandwidth. To provide sufficient bandwidth, redundancy and fast response accessing their online services, Google chose to build (along with centralized server infrastructure) a distributed infrastructure of the regional headquarters for rapid distribution of commonly used Internet content.

GGC is implemented as a set of servers deployed in Srce's datacenter, remotely controlled by Google. GGC servers located in Srce, will intercept the queries of all CIX members (ISPs) which excercise free peering with Google, and thus, provide faster response to the end user who requested Internet services and content. The selection of Srce for hosting this important infrastructure emphasizes the role of CIX in developing the Internet in Croatia.

If you want to learn more about the GGC programme log on to, and for CIX on