HRČAK - 100.000 full-text articles

16. 1. 2014.

HRČAK is an Open Access portal of Croatian scientific journals. Its target audince are journal editorial boards/editors, as well as Croatian and international scientific and scholarly public.
HRČAK is a reference source of information with almost 350 journals and more than 100000 Open Access full-text articles collected in one place at the address
On December 19, 2013 the 100000th full-text article was published on HRČAK.
Currently, HRČAK holds the 10th place on the world portals list ( regularly published by Cybermetrics Lab who rank Open Access repositories, which is widely known as webometrics.
Portal HRČAK is supported by the Ministry of Science Education and Sports, developed and maintained by the University Computing Centre SRCE and it was initiated by the Croatian Information and Documentation Society. On February 7, 2006 it was first released and introduced to the public.