Hrčak's technical improvements will be funded from OpenAIRE project

17. 8. 2016.

Hrčak is the central open access repository of Croatian scientific and research journals hosted and maintained by SRCE - University of Zagreb, University Computing Centre. Currently, it hosts over 400 scholarly and professional OA journals with over 145,000 full-text papers available. In April 2015 Hrčak was registered as a data provider in OpenAIRE infrastructure and articles published on Hrčak portal became visible through OpenAIRE portal.

The European Commission (EC) has launched, through the OpenAIRE2020 project, a FP7 post-grant Open Access Pilot (Pilot)

to fund OA publications for finalized FP7 projects. A call for proposals to fund technical improvements of APC-free Open Access journals and platforms was issued under the FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot . SRCE, in coordination with Hrčak Council, sent a proposal (bid) for technical improvements of the Hrčak platform. The Pilot team, in collaboration with the OpenAIRE technical team, assessed 17 bids they received and decided to fund 11 proposals. Among the selected proposals is the proposal for technical improvements of the Hrčak platform.

Planned technical improvements of the Hrčak platform include:

  1. enabling the upload of XML versions of the articles alongside standard PDF versions which will allow content-mining
  2. enabling journal editors to collect, store and publish authors' ORCIDs
  3. improving the collection and mining of funder/project information when the funder/project is not on the authoritative list of projects provided by the OpenAIRE
  4. enabling the delivery of article-level information to the DOAJ via DOAJ XML and DOAJ API
  5. supporting data citation in the metadata using JATS
  6. improving the advanced search feature with support for faceted search.

A total budget for funding APCfree Open Access journals and platforms is €200,000€28.000 was granted for technical improvements of the Hrčak portal. Deadline for the improvements is 30th of April 2017.