International Conference Digital Art History – Methods, Practices, Epistemologies IV

27. 9. 2022.

The conference is organized by the Institute of Art History in Zagreb, SRCE – University of Zagreb, University Computing Centre, University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, DARIAH-HR, and the National and University Library in Zagreb

The international conference “Digital Art History – Methods, Practices, Epistemologies” for the fourth time brings together scholars and practitioners from the fields of digital history of art and architecture, visual culture studies, museology, information science, art and design. Focusing on the notion of complexity, forty-four participants from twelve countries will present their ongoing or recently completed research projects. The range of topics examined through the notion of complexity ranges from network, image, and socio-semantic analysis, through complex translation processes of analog data into digital formats and the problem of missing data, to the use of “bigger data,” inclusion of underrepresented communities and territories, and considerations about the ways the digital methods influence knowledge production in the field.

The conference programme is  is held both in person and online. In order to participate in the conference in person, please send an email with your name, surname, and ID number to not later than Friday, September 30th. In order to follow the conference via ZOOM please send an email with your name and surname before Sunday, October 2nd to

The conference programme is published, and the conference is organized within the research project J7-2606 “Models and Practices of Global Cultural Exchange and Non-Aligned Movement. Research in the Spatio-Temporal Cultural Dynamics”.

Kongerencija Digitalna povijest umjetnosti IV 2022