Interview with Tony Bates about the future of education

9. 6. 2021.

European Distance and E-learning Network EDEN, of which SRCE is a longtime member, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, SRCE's Assistant Director and the President of EDEN, Sandra Kučina Softić, Ph. D. spoke with Tony Bates, a world expert in the field of e-learning and the author of many books that have helped universities and teachers in the implementation of e-learning in the educational process.

Topics covered in this conversation were the future of education, the impact of the global pandemic on education and whether or not classroom teaching is a thing of the past. Bates commented that changes in education have been happening for a long time because technologies are constantly evolving and affecting not only education but also the digital economy and the skills and competencies needed by the complete work force and citizens. The pandemic has further helped this process, which was already underway, but he also pointed out the importance of supporting teachers in their efforts, as well as importance of their training in both ICT and digital pedagogy. Initial education of university teachers in this field and continuous training are especially important for remaining open to new teaching methods and knowing how to implement them. Finally, Bates pointed out that it is no longer a question of classroom or online teaching but, how to combine both to provide students with the best learning experience.

The whole interview is 16:23 minute long, an can be found on EDEN's official YouTube channel.

Interview with Tony Bates, YouTube