Interviews with leading European experts in the field of open science

23. 4. 2021.

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In the year in which SRCE celebrates 50 years of its activity, we have started with the first activities of coordinating national initiatives for open science and building the Croatian Open Science Cloud. By the decision of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, SRCE became a mandated organization in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Association, whose founding assembly was held in December 2020.

On this occasion, we spoke with the first President of the EOSC, Karel Luyben, and the Director of "Digital Excellence and Science Infrastructure", DG Connect, European Commission, Thomas Skordas. Conversations in the Croatian language were also published in the latest issue of the bulletin Srce novosti (PDF, 4 MB).

As a leading institution for building national e-infrastructures and services for the Croatian scientific and academic community and an active participant and partner in EOSC related projects, SRCE dedicated a block to the topic "Initiatives for Open Science" at the conference Srce DEI 2021, and also conference of the Croatian Scientific and Educational Cloud project, which will be held on April 28 and 29 virtually. Sign up to find out the latest information about these topics.