Invitation to co-finance participation in the 15th RDA Plenary Meeting in Melbourne

20. 12. 2019.

15th RDA Plenary Meeting in Melbourne promotional banner


The European branch of the Research Data Alliance (RDA Europe) is offering grants to seven early careers and five seasoned researchers to participate in the 15th RDA Plenary Meeting, which will take place March 18-20, 2020 in Melbourne. The grant will be distributed to researchers from all parts of Europe, and applications from a group of 13 countries that joined the EU after 2004 (EU13), including Croatia, are particularly encouraged. More information about the 15th RDA Plenary Meeting can be found on the RDA website.

Call For Early Careers

RDA Europe expects applications from students and researchers from higher education institutions and research institutions who support the sharing of research data and address the challenges associated with sharing. A total of seven people will be co-financed with a maximum amount of 2400 EUR. The selected individuals will gain the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with colleagues from all over the world, and gain insight into the challenges of sharing research data with leading scientists in their fields. You can apply if you are in undergraduate, master's, doctoral or post-doctoral studies, or if less than 5 years have passed since your doctorate

Call For Experts

RDA Europe offers co-financing to five researchers with experience in data sharing, which seeks to encourage and support the participation of individuals who have a strong interest in RDA and can initiate and support the adoption of RDA results in their environment to share research data.

The deadline for submission of applications for both competitions is February 3, 2020 by 5:00 PM. In addition to the two calls, a call was also made for external evaluators to work on the evaluation of the received call applications under the RDA Europe 4.0 project.

Details of all open calls as well as application forms are available at the following web-page:

RDA Europe Cascading Grants

Those interested in further assistance with the application can contact the coordinators of the national RDA Node for Croatia at: