Ivan Maric elected Chairman of the Executive Committee of GÉANT project

29. 9. 2011.

Ivan Maric, deputy director of Srce and member of the Executive Committee of the GÉANT project, was elected Chairman of the Boardat at today's meeting in Amsterdam.

GÉANT3 is an international infrastructure project under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union (Framework Programme - FP7). Thanks to the previous generation of GÉANT projects a pan-European broadband network that provides interconnection between the advanced European NRENs by over 50 000 kilometers of mostly optic fiber was established.

More information about the project GÉANT3 can be found at www.geant.net/About_GEANT/pages/home.aspx, and information about the composition of the Executive Board at www.geant.net/About_GEANT/Management/Pages/ExecutiveCommittee.aspx.