The last NI4OS-Europe "Train the trainer" webinar held

21. 9. 2020.

As part of the NI4OS-Europe project, the last in a series of webinars on IT Service Management (ITMS) was held on 15 and 16 September 2020, with the participation of two trainers from SRCE.

During the first day of the webinar, participants were informed about the implementation of the FitSM family of standards for easier management of IT services in the EOSC (European Science Cloud) ecosystem. The goal of FitSM is to help IT service providers provide, support and manage their IT services and achieve excellence in providing customer service in a simple and pragmatic way. Furthermore, the criteria for successful inclusion of on-boarding services in the EOSC are highlighted and the future vision of the EOSC ecosystem and the beta version of the EOSC portal, which is open for testing, are presented.

On the second day, the topics of the webinar were focused on the presentation of the NI4OS-Europe process for on-boarding services and repositories in EOSC, where the process of managing the levels of integration in NI4OS was explained. In addition, participants went through defining repository policies, key concepts and elements related to repository management and evaluation, and through licensing, metadata descriptions, and content types.

You can find more about the NI4OS-Europe project on the NI4OS-Europe project website and the NI4OS-Europe website on the SRCE website.

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