MoodleMoot Croatia 2012

31. 5. 2012.

We invite you to participate in the second MoodleMoot Croatia 2012, which will take place on June 13, 2012.

This is the second MoodleMoot in Croatia in the organization of the University Computing Centre of the University of Zagreb (SRCE). The aim of MoodleMoot is to facilitate experience exchange concerning the use of Moodle and to offer the opportunity to socialize and create a cooperative network of Moodle users.

This year’s MoodleMoot is dedicated to questions of implementation and development for Moodle, teaching and learning using Moodle, as well as to the technical side of Moodle and various issues connected to Moodle 2.x. The second MoodleMoot is meant for all users and administrators of Moodle in the academic community and for all interested Moodlers.

Moodle is currently the most widely-used system for the development of electronic course materials and distance learning in the world and in Croatia.

Further information and the programme of the conference can be found on MoodleMoot web pages