Moodlemoot Croatia 2022

1. 6. 2022.

The 12th MoodleMoot Croatia organized by University Computing Centre SRCE will be held online on Monday, June 6, 2022. MoodleMoot Croatia, organized by SRCE, is ongoing for 12 years in a row to exchange experiences in using the Moodle system with the aim to socialize and connect users in an interactive collaborative network.

In addition to presentations by lecturers from Croatia and the region, this year we have three invited lectures from Europe, and we have prepared two workshops.

We are especially pleased to announce an invited lecture by Professor Denise Whitelock, Director of the Open University Institute of Educational Technology (UK), who will give a lecture entitled "Digital Assessment and feedback: Supporting learners and teachers" on online evaluation.

The second invited lecturer is Jessica Gramp from, who will present the project "OpenDigCompEdu - Open Digital Competences Training for School Educators" and Moodle Academy. This Erasmus project is coordinated by, and SRCE is a partner in the project. The project will develop courses that will help teachers and educators to improve their digital competencies, and enable them to confirm them through micro-credentials.

From Ireland (Dublin City University), Rob Lowney will give a lecture "Supporting educators' digital competence development through a community initiative" about their experience of building a community called "MoodleMunch" which aims to support teachers in the development of digital competencies.

This year, as part of MoodleMoot, we have prepared two workshops which are organized by SRCE and will be held on June 7th, 2022. The first workshop is "How to record and publish a lecture (OBS studio)" starting at 9 am CEST, and the second is "How to create a Lesson activity in the system Moodle” starting at 11 am CEST. Registrations are mandatory and places are limited.

Review the programme, book a time and join us on Monday, June 6, 2022, online.

12th MoodleMootHR poster