More than 20,000 e-courses on the e-learning platform Merlin

17. 3. 2020.

The E-learning platform - Merlin, maintained by the E-learning Centre at SRCE hosts more than 20.000 e-courses for the current academic year from higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia. Merlin is operating regularly and stable even with additional workload, and the E-learning Centre team provides support to higher education teachers and students involved in online education.

Today, the number of 20,000 active e-courses for this academic year has been reached, with over 9,900 teachers and over 68,800 students enrolled so far. The number of concurrent users in five minutes on the Merlin has grown to 1671. The average user time on the system on Monday was 7 minutes and 13 seconds, compared to the same day last week when it was 5 minutes and 11 seconds.

We invite teachers to organize classes in the Merlin by posting course materials and all information related to their courses, organizing student work in the course, defining communication channels with students and taking advantage of the possibility for synchronous and non-synchronous communication, setting online assessment of learning outcomes and enabling homework and seminar papers submission. The E-learning Centre team has also prepared a number of recommendations for teaching in an online environment,


The E-learning platform - Merlin

Image: Merlin homepage