New COVID-19 page on the HRČAK portal

24. 7. 2020.

A new COVID-19 page has been implemented on the Portal of Croatian Scientific and Professional Journals - HRČAK, which brings together papers related to the topic of COVID-19 from various scientific fields published in journals in HRČAK.

By creating this site, the SRCE team wanted to increase the visibility of research dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic to help health authorities, scientists and researchers, and anyone interested in finding relevant work and data more easily.

The new site was created as a contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and open access papers on COVID-19 can be found on it. The site provides a clear overview of the latest works on this topic and an overview of the works that have achieved the largest number of downloads in HRČAK. Papers can also be sorted according to scientific fields.

New COVID-19 page on the Hrčak portal