New issue of CIT journal

6. 3. 2012.

New issue of the CIT Journal of Computing and Information Technology has been published. This issue is devoted to the Information Technology Interfaces Conference (ITI 2011) and contains ten papers which have received high ratings in the review process.

Eight Conference topics are represented by selected papers which indicate the broad scope character of the ITI Conference. Conference topics are represented by papers with subjects ranging from motivations of the high school graduates regarding their future education, application for survivability assessment of grids, Wiki-based information and communication system, and the system for publishing data resulting from sensor networks on the semantic web. The rest of the conference topics are represented by papers which contain a novel approach for classifying facial images,  usage of images for detecting mistranslation, analysis of a video system, implementation of the algorithm running on a graphics processing unit, and automating a part of the process in an object-oriented software design.  

You can find more information about the Journal as well as full text of papers at and on portal Hrcak.